Your Say on the Voice

I spoke strongly about these issues and give you the opportunity to have your say by completing the survey - Your say on the VOICE

In late May the Constitution Alteration (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice) 2023 Bill was before Parliament. I voted Against the Albanese Labor Government’s Bill for a referendum to put a Voice into our Constitution.

Labor’s Voice to Parliament proposal is risky and still unknown but will be a permanent change in our Constitution. 

As a No voter in the Parliament I will be now officially involved in the No campaign and the drafting of the language for the official No campaign information to be provided to every Australian household. This is an important responsibility, that I take seriously.

I also advise that I will be campaigning strongly in Western Sydney and across NSW against this proposal. 

The “Voice” will not help practical outcomes for Aboriginal people but instead will add a new, race, based right into our Constitution. This is something all Australians should be against. 

The better proposition is equality of rights for all Australians. 

I spoke strongly about these issues and I ask you to read my speech or watch the video , share it and let me know your feedback and thoughts by completing the survey - Your say on the VOICE.

Thank you for your consideration of this important issue.

Please visit or click here to read my speech.