Honouring our community

Australian Honours System

Australia has a system of honours and awards so its citizens can be recognised for excellence, achievement or meritorious service and contributions to our society. Honours help define, encourage and reinforce national aspirations, ideals and standards by identifying role models. We give honours to recognise, celebrate and say thank you to those who make a difference, those who achieve their best and those who serve others.

More information about Australian Government honours and awards can be found at https://www.pmc.gov.au/government/its-honour

Further information on Defence honours and awards can be found at https://www.defence.gov.au/medals/

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Saluting Their Service

Certificates of Appreciation are available under the Australian Government’s Saluting Their Service Commemorations Program. They are a way of expressing the nation’s gratitude to those who served in the defence forces or on the home front in the Second World War or in wars, conflicts and peace operations overseas since the Second World War.

Certificates of Appreciation are available in respect of the following conflicts and events:

  • Second World War, for service in the Australian armed forces or on the home front;
  • British Commonwealth Occupation Force (BCOF) Japan;
  • Korean War;
  • Malayan Emergency;
  • Vietnam War;
  • Gulf War;
  • Iraq War;
  • War in Afghanistan; and
  • Peace Operations.

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