Statement regarding Iran and the death of Mahsa Amini

I join with Members of Parliament around the world to express my deepest concerns and condolences for lives lost as a result of recent protests in Iran, following the death of Mahsa Amini.

Australians express the strongest solidarity with the women-led movement in Iran, in their efforts to achieve equality, freedom of choice, freedom of speech, and basic human rights for women.

In particular I strongly condemn the use of violence by the Government of Iran in suppressing this movement.

Ultimately all governments and religions must respect individual and human rights and allow the individual choices that flow from those human rights. Personal choices are those that reflect an individual's values and don't impinge on the rights of others and also must be respected. 

As the United Nations has said: “Iran must repeal all legislation and policies that discriminate on the grounds of sex and gender, in line with international human rights standards,”.

I strongly support efforts by Australian-Iranian citizens and residents during these difficult times and will be working with colleagues across the Parliament to express our concern more formally through the Australian Parliament.