Reports today that ascribe certain views regarding former Prime Minister, Scott Morrison are not representative of views I hold about him. Having known Scott Morrison for many years in many different capacities I have only the highest regard for his character, ability, and service as Prime Minister. Indeed, we have been friends for many years and my long-term, consistent, and positive views about Scott Morrison are well known and my views on the great success of the Government, under his leadership are forever on the public record for all to see.

For absolute clarity, when looked at in the context of the global pandemic, I believe the administrative decisions taken by Scott Morrison as Prime Minister make sense for the time they were taken and the situation the Government faced. In context I have no concerns that these measures were taken or the fact that the executive of the Government had to assume a stronger concentration of emergency powers during such a significant and unusual emergency period. Indeed, every leader of Government State or Federal in Australia and worldwide did assume these powers and faced much scrutiny because of it. Like several other colleagues my only concern is in not ultimately being made aware of the unusual reserve administrative arrangements even though these were clearly emergency and pandemic related. Proposed changes to how the publication of administrative arrangements affecting Ministers make sense and will ensure this is improved in future and I support the Opposition's support for the recommendations of the Bell review. 

However, the pointless and unnecessary political manoeuvring of the Australian Labor Party in proposing to censure a former Prime Minister- for taking important decisions that were deemed necessary- is wrong. I don't believe Australians support this politically charged, payback, approach.

Today I have caught up with Scott Morrison and like every day look forward to joining him in Parliament and in particular supporting him against the Labor Party's divisive political tactics.