Leading the debate on energy security

Australians are facing significant cost of living pressures, with an increase in food prices, high fuel costs and hefty electricity bills. Labor's current Budget shows that over the next two years, household electricity prices are going to rise by 56%.

Investing in renewable energy, reducing emissions and doing so credibly to protect our environment is crucial. However, renewable energy alone is not sufficient to meet our needs during times of peak demand and at night. Transitional fuels such as liquefied natural gas, produced domestically, are required as part of our energy mix.

As Australia has one-third of the world's uranium deposits, we have the opportunity to use the resource as an affordable and reliable source of low-emissions, baseload power.

Developed economies including Canada, France, Japan, South Korea, the UK and the USA are investing in the next generation of Small Modular Nuclear Reactors to shore-up energy security and to meet their zero emissions targets. The UK plans to triple the size of its nuclear generation by 2050, whilst the USA plans to double its nuclear capacity.

The electorate is now ready for an informed debate on the lifting of the moratorium on nuclear energy, paving the way for low cost, reliable baseload power with zero emissions, utilising new technologies such as small-scale modular reactors.