Federal Member for Mitchell, the Hon Alex Hawke MP, is calling on Labor to stop ramming through their dodgy National Reconstruction Fund through the Parliament. 

The Australian taxpayer will ultimately have to pay for Labor’s fiscally irresponsible and opaque $15 billion National Reconstruction Fund.

The Coalition opposes Labor’s National Reconstruction Fund because it is bad for taxpayers, bad for businesses, bad for manufacturers and bad for the economy. It fails to address the issues our manufacturers need the Government to fix: high energy prices, disrupted supply chains and acute workforce shortages.

While Australians find it increasingly difficult to balance their household budgets, Labor is trying to throw $15 billion on the taxpayer tab demanding a blank cheque for their National Reconstruction Fund.

The National Reconstruction Fund just does not stack up. It lacks appropriate transparency, opens the door to union power plays and is fiscally irresponsible.

Member for Mitchell declared he will fight relentlessly to oppose the flawed National Reconstruction Fund Bill which the Government is rushing through the Parliament without necessary scrutiny. 

“This Bill will put in place a Labor-picked Board to spend taxpayer funds on Labor-picked priorities,” the Hon Alex Hawke MP said. 

“Since coming to government, Labor has been on a ‘Go Slow’, wasting the time of our manufacturers with countless reviews, cuts to Coalition programs and finger-pointing, they need to start acting like a government.

“The government is all talk on manufacturing, their own Industry Minister uses expensive foreign made paper to write his letters rather than buying Aussie made so how can you trust him on backing Australian industry. 

“The Coalition backs our hard-working manufacturers every step of the way, and in Government our programs supported them from start-up and through the supply chain” Alex Hawke said.

As surging costs continue to cripple our manufacturers, and the challenges presented by rising energy bills, workforce shortages and disrupted supply chains smash small businesses, the Albanese Government remains focussed on its union-backed agenda.

Following the radical industrial relations Secure Jobs Better Pay Bill which was rammed through the Parliament last year, bolstering unions at the cost of small and family businesses, Labor once again trying to rush through another dangerous Bill, and you will have to pay for it.